Only Sonos

Known worldwide for their wireless smart speakers that fill any room with clear, detailed, brilliant sound, Sonos needed a new learning platform that could help train their global retail staff and partners to improve their product knowledge and develop their core competencies.


A responsive new look

Over 12 months, we worked with Sonos and our LMS partner to plan and build a learning management system with new functionality to replace the old one. Along with a new backend we completely redesigned the frontend to align with the new Sonos brand launch. With a new focus on mobile-first, we created working prototypes which we shared with the creative team at Sonos to keep the project on track.


Development guides

After the initial prototypes were signed off by Sonos, my next task was to create a full design system that included all the pages, components, buttons and error states. Due to the scale of the system and the number of stakeholders involved, it was important to create a single point of truth that our technical, QA teams and LMS partner could reference through the various stages of development and testing.

sonos-xd-mob sonos-xd-system

Content Strategy

During our pre-planning stages, the Product Owner and I conducted a content audit of the old LMS and mapped out a content strategy including new content updates/removals. The new categories provided a much clearer learning path for users to follow.


Custom user dashboards

Due to the global nature of the system, and the specific needs of different retailers, we were required to integrate with the Sonos retail partner database so we could track and show tailored content based on specific access codes. During the development of this feature, I worked with my internal teams (PO/Technical/QA) to map out the data, build rapid prototypes and then test with users to see which user journey worked best.


Ready for the future

OnlySonos needed to cater to a global audience so we had to design the system to work in 11 languages across responsive breakpoints. To make sure that the design wouldn't break once localized, we went through various stages of QA to test the English text against a more lengthy European language like German or Italian. At present, the system has over 8,000 users and continues to grow as Sonos reach new markets. After seeing a huge improvement in the quality of worldwide sales, there has been an appetite for further additions, with new content and modules being added regularly to introduce the very latest products.