Based in Melbourne, Australia Nura was founded in 2016 with the ground-breaking technology that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing. Nura needed help in converting their training document into an engaging online interactive piece of learning that would better help tell their story of the company and its flagship product.


A tailored approach

After our initial investigation, we decided it was best to restructure the manual into 3 individual modules to better communicate the story to the users and make the overall experience more bite-sized and engaging. We decided early on that we didn't want to restrict our creativity by using off the shelf authoring tools, so we set out to build these courses in Angular wrapping them into SCORM 2004 compliant modules.



During the workshop session, we fleshed out which sections would work best with some kind of user interaction. With timings and budget in mind, we set ourselves a maximum number of reusable components that were ‘must-haves’ and put any future ideas into the product roadmap.


Development guides

With our master script agreed we created some initial concepts of how the modules might look. Over the course of a couple of skype sessions to Australia, we received sign off on the designs and set out to build a Design System in Adobe XD. Having this single point built early on helped to facilitate the work of the teams during the sprints (PO, Creative, Technical and QA).