Why write it in thirty words when three will do? That was the line we spotted in the EAT Brand Guidelines while we were looking at developing the new EAT Employer Brand.

Starring real EAT employees from around the country, we created a Real Careers website, simple, real and honest – the site is completely video led and totally unscripted. The site links to a simple branded online application form where applicants are asked to describe EAT In three words. A dedicated Twitter and Facebook page also allow individuals to join an EAT social media community. We created a jobs board using wordpress backend integrated into the facebook pages tab. It was also vital that there was a mobile version. Not only for the increased usage of mobile web browsing, but to use with the QR coded posters and materials.

Internal engagement

As part of an internal engagement piece we developed a campaign to nominate a good manager.

The creative involved was a poster that was in the back of house area which encouraged staff to scan a QR code which took you to a simple online form to nominate your manager of choice.